Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From Cincinnati City Hall - Get Free Financial Advice this Saturday

I want to let you know about a great opportunity to get free financial advice this Saturday.  I’m hosting Cincinnati Financial Planning Day and it is being held at the Downtown branch of the public library from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, October 23.  

Attendees will be able to have free one-on-one meetings with a certified financial planner.  You will be able to get financial advice on all types of subjects from personal budgeting to saving for retirement  Whether you are having financial challenges and need help or you want to further maximize your investments, this will be a great opportunity to get free advice from professionals.
The event will also feature educational workshops throughout the day on different personal finance topics.  You do not have to register to attend, but you can schedule an appointment at  
Having a financial plan is more important than ever.  It helps you focus your efforts and realize your financial goals.  This type of advice can be expensive, but on Saturday you can get it for free.  
I hope to see you there.
Mark Mallory

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arts Asia Festival 2010 - Nov. 7 to 13 at University of Kentucky, Lexington

ArtsAsia Festival 2010 - “Living Traditions” -
November 7 – 13, 2010
University of Kentucky, Lexington

The Continuing Influence of Japan on American Studio Ceramics
November 11, 2010
U.K. Student Center Room 230
University of Kentucky

Andrew L. Maske, Department of Art (Art History), University of Kentucky
Robert Scroggins, Department of Art (Ceramics)
Hunter Stamps, Department of Art (Ceramics)

Symposium Participants:
Elizabeth Fowler, assistant professor of art/design history, Syracuse University
Yukari Fukata, ceramics instructor, Kentucky School of Craft
Randy Johnston, professor of art, University of Wisconsin at River Falls
Andrew Maske, assistant professor of art history, University of Kentucky

Joe Molinaro, professor of art, Eastern Kentucky University
Shoji Satake, assistant professor of art, University of West Virginia at Morgantown

University of Kentucky Student Center Room 2:30 (Symposium)
President’s Room, Singletary Center for the Performing Arts (Reception)

Contact for this event:
Andrew L. Maske, DPhil
Department of Art
University of Kentucky


Symposium Schedule
University of Kentucky Student Center Room 230

9:00        Welcome, Benjamin Withers, Chair, University of Kentucky Department of Art
9:10        Greeting and introduction of first two speakers, Robert Scroggins, University of Kentucky
9:15        Andrew Maske – “The Japanese Stoneware Tradition”
9:45        Elizabeth Fowler (Syracuse University) – “The Japanese Porcelain Decorator Kitaro Shirayamadani”
10:15        10 minute break
10:25        Hunter Stamps (University of Kentucky) – Introduction of next two speakers
10:30        Randy Johnston (University of Wisconsin, River Falls) – “An American Potter Learning from the Mingei Tradition”        
11:00        Yukari Fukata (Kentucky School of Craft) – “Teaching and Making Ceramics in America from a Japanese Perspective”
11:30        Introduction of discussants, Andrew Maske, University of Kentucky
11:35        Discussants’ comments – Joseph Molinaro, Eastern Kentucky University, and Shoji Satake, University of West Virginia
12:30        Symposium ends

*2 – 5 PM        Workshop/demonstrations featuring Randy Johnston and Shoji Satake, Reynolds Building, University of Kentucky

Monday, October 4, 2010

Nominations for Board Members Requested

Hello All,

Greetings from Cincinnati-Gifu Sister City.  I hope you are enjoying the fall weather.

The Nominating Committee would request your interest in seeking board membership.  We have attached the
job description for each position below.  These are volunteer positions and the time commitment is not
onerous.  There are 4 board meetings throughout the year and various activities.  All of these positions are
open and available even if you have limited experience so do not be shy.  If you have any interest or
questions, please contact one of us:

Justin Kluemper
(513) 502-5035

Shoko Konuma

Nominations Deadline:  October 31st

You can find updates on our blog:

Here are the job duties:


1.     The President presides as the chairperson at all Meetings. S/he is also an ex-officio member of all
committees except the Governance & Nominating Committee.

2.     The President can call a Special Meeting for a specific purpose.

3.     The President has the power to sign contracts on behalf of the Committee, but cannot bind a Member
absent specific, written consent by that Member.

Vice President

The Vice President assists the President in the discharge of his/her duties and officiates in the absence of the
President at all Committee Meetings. The Vice President chairs the Governance & Nominating Committee.


4.     The Secretary shall maintain a list of Members and representatives, an attendance record of Members.
The Secretary shall take care of all official correspondence.

5.     The Secretary shall keep the Minutes of each Meeting and provide a copy for each Member.

6.     Native level of writing and reading in Japanese and English is preferred.

7.     Maintain an on-going record of the Minutes and provide such record for the year at each meeting for

8.     Create and issue eNewsletter four times a year.

9.     Arrange Regular Meetings as prescribed

10.    As a board member, perform other clerical duties as needed


11.    The Treasurer shall keep records of all income and expenses and give a complete financial report to the
 Board annually. This fiscal year shall be January 1st through December 31st.  The Treasurer is responsible
for preparing all checks and signs them with the President or another officer of the Committee. He/she
maintains all monies of the Committee and deposits them in a bank account in the name of the Committee.
There shall be an annual audit or review of the Treasurer's records.

12.    The Treasurer shall chair the Finance Committee.

Term of Office: All Trustees shall serve a two (2) year term. Method of Filling Vacancy: Any resignation of an
officer will be filled by the Member that he or she represents. If the Member has no representative to fill the
position, a new election will be held by the Members to fill the position for the remainder of the term.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


In Japan, it's traditional for work groups and friends to hold a Bonenkai party at the end of every year.
Bonenkai is a way to leave the year's cares and problems behind and enjoy looking forward to the coming
year in the company of friends and associates.
A little food and sake help the mood.
GSCC will be holding its first (and we hope) annual Bonenkai this December. Stay tuned for announcements.
If you're on our email list, we'll send you an invitation. If you'd like to join the membership list so you can get
email too, visit
and sign up.
See you at BONENKAI !!

September 23 Quartely meeting minutes

Sep.23, 2010 Minutes
Gifu Sister City Committee Member Meeting at Campbell County Public Library, Ft Thomas, KY
Justin Kluemper, Steve Rindsberg, Shoko Konuma, Helen Rindsberg, Bob Stevie, Kaz Sato, Betsy Sato, Dick
Duval, Tomio Fukumura, Sean Dunn, Kaz Konuma (Mai Kinman was unable to attend but phoned in).

1. Report from Board Members
Steve: Budget reported.
Justin: Reviewed Peace Ceremony
2. Report from Cincinnati USA Sister City Association by Bob
a) 2012 World Choir game
b) ByLaw issues explained
3. Board of Trustees Election
Nomination Committee: Justin, Sean and Shoko
4. Past activities of Gifu-Cincinnati Committee from Dick Duval
5. Next meeting
Quarterly meetings: Mar., Jun., Sep., Dec., of 1st Wednesdays
Next meeting: Dec 1(Wed) 6PM same location
- Election for new board members.
6. Event Information
Dec.: BONENKAI - informal gathering of members