Tuesday, January 7, 2014

KAKEHASHI Project - Short-term study tours for Japanese-American students

The "KAKEHASHI Project-The Bridge for Tomorrow" is a youth exchange project,
promoted by the Ministry Foreign Affairs in Japan, to heighten potential
interest in Japan and increase the number of overseas visitors to the
country, as well as enhance international understanding of the "Japan
brand," and the nation's strengths and attractiveness, such as
Japanese-style values and "Cool Japan." The KAKEHASHI Project- Japanese
American Young Adults Invitation Program provides a fully funded short-term
study tour to Japan for undergraduate and graduate students (ages 18-25
years old at the time of application) in the United States.

The goals of Japanese American Young Adults Invitation Program are (1) to
continue building cooperation between Japanese Americans and Japan, (2) to
promote Japanese Americans a better understanding of Japan in a variety of
fields including politics, economy and culture, and (3) to encourage
Kakehashi alumni to be effective advocates in enhancing U.S.-Japan

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