Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Japan Relief Information and Resources

General Information:

About the danger from radiation ... this puts it into realistic perspective:
(Read the comments too)

World Health Organization (WHO) Earthquake-related Links


From the Consulate General of Japan in New York
299 Park Ave. 
New York, NY 10171

Memo: Donation for Japan earthquake/tsunami
Note: If you require a charitable tax deduction for your contribution, please
consider donating directly to an organization that
has the relevant charitable status, three of which are listed below.

American Red Cross

Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York, Inc. (JCCI)/
Nippon Club

Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE/USA)

Japanese Red Cross Society --- Japan/Earthquake Donation

Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund

As to the many offers we have received from volunteers willing to travel to Japan,
we respectfully request that such volunteers
remain in the United States, as Japan is not yet in the position to properly receive
and deploy them.

For information on the whereabouts and welfare of American nationals in Japan,
please contact the U.S. State Department by phone
at 1-888-407-4747 or at 1-202-501-4444, or by email at

In consideration of phone service interruptions, the Consulate-General of Japan is
also releasing a list of phone-based message
systems in Japan to check the well-being of friends and family.

Landline Phones

NTT East

Mobile Phone Systems

Docomo (NTT)


EZweb (KDDI)


EMnet (E-Mobile)

Local resources/events/fundraisers:

The Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati's Sakura Matsuri has been turned
into a fundraiser for earthquake victims.
The Society's News Page is a good source of other earthquake
information and resources

The Japanese community newspaper, J-Angle, distributed through Japanese restaurants
and  grocery stores in OH, KY, IN, MI and IL
offers free advertising for any funding activities or events supporting Earthquake


Steve Rindsberg

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