Sunday, October 3, 2010

September 23 Quartely meeting minutes

Sep.23, 2010 Minutes
Gifu Sister City Committee Member Meeting at Campbell County Public Library, Ft Thomas, KY
Justin Kluemper, Steve Rindsberg, Shoko Konuma, Helen Rindsberg, Bob Stevie, Kaz Sato, Betsy Sato, Dick
Duval, Tomio Fukumura, Sean Dunn, Kaz Konuma (Mai Kinman was unable to attend but phoned in).

1. Report from Board Members
Steve: Budget reported.
Justin: Reviewed Peace Ceremony
2. Report from Cincinnati USA Sister City Association by Bob
a) 2012 World Choir game
b) ByLaw issues explained
3. Board of Trustees Election
Nomination Committee: Justin, Sean and Shoko
4. Past activities of Gifu-Cincinnati Committee from Dick Duval
5. Next meeting
Quarterly meetings: Mar., Jun., Sep., Dec., of 1st Wednesdays
Next meeting: Dec 1(Wed) 6PM same location
- Election for new board members.
6. Event Information
Dec.: BONENKAI - informal gathering of members

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